The Tapscott Family Tree


I have included Descendant Charts for primary ancestors. This gives (I believe) a more traditional view on the relationships between generations than can sometimes be gleaned from the narrative format of the data about individuals.

For each person shown in the charts, I have included Birth and Death years (only) if known. You can hover over the persons name in the chart to see a more complete date (again, if known).

As with the detailed pages, "living" people are excluded from the charts - this can give the impression that a couple had no children when, indeed, they did have. Additionally, where a couple had a child and one of the couple is still defined as "living", then that person is indicated by a "?" in the chart. Finally, if one of the couple is still "living" and any children they had are still "living", then there is no spouse information included at all.  To add to the confusion (!), there are a couple of instances in the charts where the name of the parent of a child is not known and this is also indicated by a "?".